Fabric Mill In China

We own two denim mills which are situated in Foshan and SanShui of GuangDong Province, China. This is a vertical set-up from yarn winding, warping, dyeing, weaving, mercerizing and finishing. The production capacity for the two denim mills are at 5 million yards per month. We have implemented both the dyeing on union fabrics and printing facilities in 2013 respectively.

Garment Factory in Cambodia

To maintain the sustainable development for the company we in 2012 have operated a garment factory in Cambodia major in denim and casual bottom making. We have obtained both the WRAP and BSCI certificates.

Warping Section

Slasher Dyeing Section

Weaving Section

Mercerizing Section

Shrinkage Section

Marker Section

Cutting Section

Sewing Section

Trimming Section

Ironing Section

Packing Section